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Loose weight fast with new energy therapy

Can't shift those last few pounds? Tried every diet known to man and yet put it all back on? Raid the fridge instead of reaching for a healthy snack?

Help is at hand! Emotional Freedom Techniques is the latest weight loss energy therapy to hit the Costas! Known affectionately as EFT, it will help you curb your food cravings, stop over- eating and binge- eating, help with bulimia and anorexia.

How can EFT help?

EFT is a safe and well tested technique used worldwide and is a celebrity "must have". Fans of the technique are Lily Allen, Michael Flatley, Madonna, Deepa Chopra and even Paul Mckenna.

EFT uses gentle "tapping" actions on specific acupressure points on your body.Don't worry as no needles, drugs or hynotherapy are involved.It is so safe that it can be used on adults, children and even animals.

While tapping, positive words or "affirmations" are used to counterbalance negative emotions that are the root cause of your problem. Most of these negative emotions could be stored in your unconscious and these are the triggers to your bad eating habits. EFT identifies these unconscious emotions and neutralise them. The effect...balanced energy levels in the body,good health, control of your life and your eating habits.


For a limited period only, I am offereing a FREE, half hour, no obligation consultation by telephone.

Should you decide to proceed, I will be offering a 20% discount as well.So instead of 25 Euros per hour, you only pay 20 Euros per hour.Results are permanent!

Neither do you need to commit to a course of sessions. Most of my clients see results in one session...making this the quickest, most effective and value for money therapy available on the Costas today.

For an informal chat or to find out more about EFT call me on:

OR see my articles under the health and wellbeing pages of My Spanish Life.

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