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AUDARY NEW ENERGY solar water heaters • tony

Audary_solar_water_heaterAssetsHere at cssolar we are pleased to work with Audary New Energy and import there products into Spain.

Audary is a large Manufacturer of solar water heater based in China it exports its products all over the world.

In China solar water heaters are a common sight on most roof tops, they are well proven and accepted.

As fuel prices continue to rise they will also start to become a very popular sight in other countrys including Spain.

Here in Spain we have so much sunshine it makes sence to use it to heat your water !

and will produce free hot water for over 300 days per year.

China has over 4000 manufactures of solar water heaters, soon they will be as common as electric or gas heaters.

Now is the time to change to solar, use free and tax free energy 

Save money and self fit


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